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La Pirouette Stable

Welcome to the world of horseback riding!


La Pirouette Stable


La Pirouette Stable



We have 35 horse stalls, all recently renovated to the latest standards. Brightness and cleanliness are our strong points. We own 6 schooling horses for all rider needs, from the beginner to the most experienced.

Our qualified staff will take care 7/7 days of your horses, upon request taking them to our pastures (10,000 m2) next to the stable. Other numerous services are available upon request

Riding school

The riding school is structured to cover any training needs of our students. Children or beginners who wish to start riding horses are taken over by Roberta, who through her patience and experience manages to achieve amazing goals in a relatively short time. Elena, on the other hand, takes care of preparation for competitions and those who want a higher level of training with their horse. The synergy between horse and rider is expanded to the highest level.


Our facility hosts at least one nationwide dressage competition annually. About 300 enthusiasts come to our stable on competition days. We offer competitions for any category up to Grand Prix.

A neat and distinguished environment will welcome you making these dressage days special. We boast the presence of international and national judges recognized for professionalism and competence throughout Europe.



Surrounded by beautiful nature just 10 minutes from the center of Lugano, after careful renovation, the stables " la Pirouette " is modern and welcoming: ideal for the well-being of horses (and riders), the facility has well-kept details that make equestrian sport even more enjoyable. Those who enjoy relaxing horseback rides will also find " la Pirouette " stable the ideal accommodation.

  • 35 large window boxes, fully lined with insulating and non-slip rubber, made in accordance with current horse-holding standards
  • Completely new 20 x 60 m indoor riding arena, bottom composed of shock-absorbing mats and special mixture of silica sand for dressage
  • 23 x 61 m outdoor field with special drainage bottom, mats and outdoor silica sand mixture
  • Pastures of all sizes to suit every need
  • New carousel with rod
  • Treadmill for rehabilitation and training of sports horse
  • Heated saddlery, changing rooms and shower facilities
  • Special laundry for blankets and undersaddles
  • Hot shower and horse solarium
  • Heated grandstand and refreshment room available to guests and riders

Riding School

We have 6 "schooling" horses and 4 ponies for younger riders to meet every level of rider training. We offer private or semi-private lessons both to riders who already own a horse and to those who wish to try their hand at the discipline of dressage with our already trained horses.

We prepare our young students for obtaining the Rider's Patent (a prerequisite for entering the first competitions), and for progressive higher education.

We follow interested students on the path leading to the Regional License examination (qualification to participate in the highest level competitions throughout Switzerland).


Services offered:

  • Horse boarding house
  • Private and semi-private lessons
  • Horse riding and training
  • Preparation for competitions
  • Counseling for the purchase of a horse
  • Carousel for daily movement
  • Grazing service


La Pirouette Stable
Via Gaggio
6944 Cureglia


- 7.5 km from Lugano city
- 80 km from Milan
- 200 km from Zurich


Carla Garzoni


Alberto Zilioli

Resp. horse care and stable

Elena Gariglio

Responsible instructor and competitions

Instructional team

Roberta Trombetta

Basic riding instructor

Emanuele Carzaniga

Horse instructor and trainer





Veronica Mazza 

Horse care manager





Samuel Brunati

Stable and Maintenance Manager





Jacopo Gatti

Apprentice and young promise in the Stable


Scuderia price list 2024

  • Grazing fee: CHF 900 (per year)
  • Pension: CHF 1280 + VAT 8.1 % (per month)
  • Pasture/carousel/treadmill service x7: CHF 320 + VAT 8.1 % (per month)
  • Pasture/carousel/treadmill service x6: CHF 250 + VAT 8.1 % (per month)
  • Carousel/treadmill/pasture x1: CHF 20 + 8.1 %
  • Package 2x week Movement or training or lesson: CHF 700 + VAT 2.6 % (monthly)
  • Package 3x week Movement or training or lesson: CHF 800 + VAT 2.6% (monthly)
  • Package 4x week movement or training or lesson: CHF 1000 + VAT 2.6% (monthly)
  • Package 6x week Movement or training or lesson: CHF 1350 + VAT 2.6% (monthly)
  • Private lessons/Elena/Emanuele horse training: CHF 100 (50 min) / CHF 60 (30 min)
  • Private lessons Roberta/Albi: CHF 90 (50 min) / CHF 50 (30 min)
  • Longe with specialized personnel: CHF 50 (30 min)
  • Blanket washing: CHF 30


We offer other numerous treatments to our clients.
In the document below you can find all the services we are involved in.

Download price list 2024 (ITA)
Download price list 2024 (ING)

Our foals




    During opening hours:

    MON-FRI: 8 A.M.-12 P.M. / 2 P.M.-6 P.M.

    SA: 8 A.M.-12 P.M. / 2 P.M.-5 P.M.

    Phone numbers

    Phone stable:
    +41 79 155 05 45

    Administration phone:
    +41 79 240 01 30